Mobilizing to Reach the Unreached

Africa Pentecostal Missions Consultation kampala, Uganda

May 19-22 2020

Deadline for registration and payment: March 31

Our History​

The development of the African Pentecostal Mission Consultation (APMC) was started in 2015 based on the discussion between the  Chairman of the Mission Commissions of the Pentecostal World Fellowship (PWF) (Dr. Arto Hamalainen) and World Assemblies of God Fellowship (WAGF) (Rev. Mission Director Brad Walz). The mission commissions of both of these organizations were in favor to develop this kind of cooperation because many African Pentecostal churches had started or were planning to start their own mission programs. The idea was discussed also by some East and Central African Pentecostal leaders in 2015, and they felt this kind of collaboration bring both urgent and actual. The first gathering took place in Nairobi between 29th November – 4 December, 2016. About 260 leaders from 30 countries came together. The future of this kind of cooperation was discussed, and the continuation was unanimously wished.The second gathering was in Addis Ababa between 20-23 March, 2018 by the name African Pentecostal Mission Consultation. About 400 participants from 18 countries were gathered together, with 82 coming from outside Ethiopia. The participants agreed that there is a need to form an organization for the African Pentecostal Mission collaboration, and the Africa Pentecostal Mission (APM) was established.

“Africa can direct the future.”

The continent of Africa can play a big role in the future in many ways. It has demographically a young, talented generation. It has human and material resources. What is even more making a change: it is spiritually strong. It has big, impactful churches. It can really be creating a different future. Churches are called by our Lord Jesus Christ to reach the whole world. Everyone everywhere needs the Savior. And there is only one Savior, Jesus! He is to be known! Africa has resources to be the leading continent in this task today. God has spoken to Africa. That has become clear in the Pentecostal family of the churches e.g. by the birth of the Africa Pentecostal Mission Fellowship. Pentecostal leaders were gathered at Nairobi, Kenya in 2016 where they felt that it is time to work together to finish the Great Commission. In 2018 at Addis Ababa the leaders felt that they need an organization to help in that. The Africa Pentecostal Mission (APM) was started. There are more than 100 million classical Pentecostals in the world. A big number of them are in Africa. APMF is a common tool for them. It can develop also a fruitful cooperation with other Christians who have the same vision. Africa has played an important role in the salvation history. It offered an asylum to our Lord Jesus Christ. It was one of the first areas receiving the message of the risen Redeemer through the testimony of the Ethiopian eunuch. Simon from Cyrene, a black brother, was one of the leaders in the missionary sending church at Antioch. Africa can once again influence the world like him as part of the team of the finishing the task!
Chairman of APM

Our Uniting Vision

is to see the great potential for the world evangelization through African churches

The Purpose

The purpose of APM and the African Pentecostal Mission is to help African Pentecostals to learn from each other, to benefit good practices, to provide training and share information and encouragement in world missions activities, and find the ways for cooperation in mission

"Go therefore and make disciples of all nations"

Matthew 28:18-20

Executive Committee

APM Steering Committee: (Left to right) Dr. Eli Rop of Kenya, Dr. Edward Chtisonga of Malawi, Dr. Arto Hämäläine of Finland, and Rev. Ron Kinnear of South Africa

Our Executive Committee

Chairman              Dr. Arto Hämäläinen,     Finland

Vice Chairman     Dr. Edward Chitsonga,      Malawi (AG)

Secretary               Dr. Eli Rop,   Kenya (Full Gospel Churches of Kenya)

Treasurer               Rev. Ron Kinnear,  South Africa (Apostolic Faith Mission)

Other members:

                                Mission Dir. Uche Ama, Nigeria (AG)

                                Rev. Simon Peter Emiau, Uganda (PAG)

                                Dr. Seleshi Kebede, Ethiopia (Guenet Church)

                                Dr. Opoku Onyinah, Ghana (Church of Pentecost)

                                Rev. Yilma Wakie, Ethiopia (Full Gospel Believers´ Church)

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